6.1. Default Interactive Solver

The default solver does not need to be compiled, because the binary executable is installed with MFiX. The default mfixsolver is automatically installed when following the steps in Getting Started.

6.1.1. Running in GUI

Start the MFiX GUI from the Anaconda Prompt (Windows) or bash (Mac or Linux):

# Windows
(mfix-20.1.0-win64) C:\> mfix

# Linux
(mfix-20.1.0-linux64) > mfix

# Mac
(mfix-20.1.0-osx64) > mfix

From the main menu browse to create a new project, or open an existing one.

When running a simulation, press play (run) and select the default mfixsolver.

You can pause, unpause, and stop the solver from the toolbar.

6.1.2. Running From Command Line

If you have a project file <RUN_NAME>.mfx saved in a project directory named <RUN_NAME>, navigate to that project directory to launch the default solver locally. One can accomplish this with the following commands:

> cd <RUN_NAME>
> mfixsolver -f <RUN_NAME>.mfx

For example, to run the 3D fluidized bed tutorial, with the project file FB3D.mfx created in the GUI and saved in a directory FB3D:

> cd FB3D
> mfixsolver -f FB3D.mfx

To show additional command line options for the solver, type:

> mfixsolver --help