Write UDS parameters

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I saw that there is the “scalar” option to add a new scalar transport equation. My aim is to write the terms of diffusion and addition of this “scalar”.


In the documentation, there is the file scalar_prop.f for “Properties and source terms in scalar transport equations”.

  1. Is this a Eulerian or Lagrangian derivative?

scalar_prop.f:55: ! d (Scalar)/dt = S

  1. How can I do the second stage? I think I should call the variable “Scalar” (IJK, L) from some other subroutine again, but how can I do that?

S^{k1}_g = - S^{k2}_m = Scalar_c - Scalar_p * S^{k1}_g
S^{k1}_g = - S^{k2}_m

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