Results Category: Cartesian Grid

Cartesian Grid – Vortex Shedding

2D single phase flow over a cylinder, at Reynolds number of 200, colored by magnitude of vorticity, illustrating the vortex shedding past the cylinder.

Cartesian Grid – MFiX Logo

MFIX logo placed in a bubbling bed, colored by volume fraction. Illustrates the capability to represent complex geometry.

Cartesian Grid – Hairpin Vortices

3D single phase flow over a hemisphere. Isosurfaces of lambda_2 eigenvalues are shown, colored by velocity magnitude, to illustate the formation of hairpin Vortices over a Hemispheric protuberance.

Cartesian Grid – 2D Hourglass

2D Gas/Solids flow in an hourglass, colored by volume fraction, to illustrate sand flowing in the hourglass. Left: No slip boundary condition. Right: Free slip boundary condition.