Dirk VanEssendelft, Ph.D.

Dirk Van Essendelft obtained a BSE in Chemical Engineering from Calvin College in 2003, a MSE in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering from University of California in 2005, Irvine, and a Ph.D. in Energy and Geo-Environmental Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University in 2008.  He has work experiencein the pharmaceuticals, carbon capture and storage, bio-energy conversion, gasification, and high-performance computing.  His current research interests are in applied computational chemistry for large scale industrial modeling using super computers.  He currently manages the development of the National Energy Technology Laboratory's Carbonaceous Chemistry for Computational Modeling (C3M) software and is developing unique solutions that allow high fidelity modeling at low computational cost.

Recent publications:

  • Van Essendelft, D.T., T. Li, P. Nicoletti, and T. Jordan, Advanced Chemistry Surrogate Model Development within C3M for CFD Modeling, Part 1: Methodology Development for Coal Pyrolysis. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 2014. 53(18): p. 7780-7796.
  • Guenther, C., D.T. VanEssendelft, K. Chaundhari, P. Nicolleti, M. Shahnam, T. Li, R. Turton, N.T. Weiland, and P. Wang, Gasification Modeling in the 21st Century, in Power Engineering. 2012, PennWell Corp.