Madhava Syamlal, Ph.D.

Dr. Syamlal is the Research Fellow for Computational Engineering at the National Energy Technology Laboratory. at National Energy Technology Laboratory.  Dr. Syamlal is responsible for the development of science-based simulations that span a broad range of scales and for applying them to accelerate energy technologydevelopment. His degrees are in chemical engineering: B.Tech from IIT (BHU), and MS and PhD from IIT, Chicago. He was the initial architect of the widely used open-source multiphase computational fluid dynamics code MFIX and led the development of software for linking process- and device- scale simulations and the C3M chemical kinetics software. He was the founding Technical Director of Carbon Capture Simulation Initiative. He is a fellow of AIChE and the recipient of numerous awards such as DOE Secretary’s Achievement Honor Award and AIChE’s Fluidization Process Recognition Award.