Pankaj Saha, Ph. D.

Dr. Pankaj Saha obtained his PhD degree from the department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Kanpur, India, in 2012. Currently, he is working as ORISE-ORAU research fellow in the Multiphase Flow team at DOE-NETL, Morgantown, WV, USA. His doctoralthesis focuses on numerical analysis of flow and heat transfer characteristics of a plate fin heat exchanger at moderate to high Reynolds number. He assessed a new turbulence model based on large eddy simulation (LES) technique which accurately predicts complex wall-bounded turbulence flows at very low CPU time compared to widely available dynamic LES model. He developed complete in-house 3D NS solver implementing finite-difference-method (FDM) in both serial and parallel architecture (MPI).The present work at NETL deals with the modeling of turbulent oil jet discharged into water. The aim is to estimate the oil flow discharge rate as a function of large scale vortices near the jet discharge region. He has explored LES turbulence model and VOF interface capture technique of OpenFoam, open source software to model the multiphase high Reynolds number oil jet simulation.

Recent Publications:

  • Pankaj Saha and Gautam Biswas, 2012, “Shear improved Smagorinsky model pertaining to large eddy simulation applied on lid- driven cavity flows”, International Journal of Advances in Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics Volume 4 (3), pp 165-171.
  • Pankaj Saha, Gautam Biswas and Subrata Sarkar, 2014, “Comparison of Winglet-type vortex generators periodically deployed in a plate-fin heat exchange- A Synergy based analysis”, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 74, 292-305.