Tingwen Li, Ph. D.

Dr. Li is a research engineer at AECOM. He obtained B.S (2001) in theoretical and applied mechanics and M.S (2004) in fluid mechanics from Peking University, China and Ph. D. (2009) in mechanical engineering from University of British Columbia, Canada.  His research interests include computational fluid dynamics, multiphase flow, fluidization, and gasification. Currently he is modeling advancedcirculating bed gasifiers at near industrial scale and comparing to operating data.  Dr. Li is also performing model validation work in the use of multiphase devices for carbon capture as part of DOE’s Carbon Capture Simulation Initiative (CCSI).

Recent publications:

  • T. Li, S. Benyahia, J. Dietiker, J. Musser, and X. Sun, A 2.5D computational method to simulate cylindrical fluidized beds, 2014, Chemical Engineering Science, 2015, 123, 236-246.
  • T. Li, J. Dietiker, and L. Shadle, Comparison of full-loop and riser-only simulations for a pilot-scale circulating fluidized bed riser, 2014, Chemical Engineering Science, 2014, 120, 10-21.