MFiX Node Collection

Nodes related to MFiX are collected into the MFiX node collection in the node library. These nodes are only available when using the Nodeworks MFiX-GUI plug-in. At present, the only MFiX node is related to monitors.

Monitor Reader

The Monitor Reader node is used to plot and analyze the output of monitors specified in the Monitors pane of the Modeler panel. The monitor is selected from the dropdown list of the Monitor entry field. The variable drop down menu shows only those variables which were selected to be saved by the monitor in the Modeler panel. See the MFiX User Manual for information on setting up monitors. The transient behavior of the monitor can be viewed by connecting the time and array terminals to a Plot node.


Additionally the monitors can reduced to a scalar quantity of interest if it is being used within a simulation campaign originating from the Design of Experiments node. Select the time range over which the reduction should be performed in the From and To entries. The Reducer options include minimum (min) and maximum (max) values, the sum, and the mean, standard deviation (std) and variance (var) metrics computed over the specified Time range. This functionality is used to trace a \(U_{mf}\) curve in Ex. 1: Minimum Fluidization.