In addition to the stand-along Nodeworks application, a NodeWidget has been developed to seamlessly interface Nodeworks with the MFiX GUI beginning with MFiX release 17.2 and later. Once Nodeworks has been installed, a previously greyed out Nodeworks panel will become active along the bottom toolbar. The Nodeworks plugin contains the full functionality of the stand-alone Nodeworks applications plus some additional MFiX-specific functionality. This guide is intended for users already familiar with both MFiX and Nodeworks. Users unfamiliar with MFiX should first consult the MFiX User Guide. Users new to Users unafamiliar with Nodeworks should first consult the Nodeworks User Guide. The remainder of this document covers the installation instructions, an overview of the MFiX plugin specific Nodeworks features and some example problems that utilize MFiX and Nodeworks, as sketched in the image above.