19.3.0 source tarball incomplete (missing at least templates)

I downloaded the 19.3.0 source tarball and discovered it is not possible to obtain a working version of the mfix gui from it as it is missing at least the templates directory.

Thanks! -Tyson

Never mind. I found the conda/mfix/build_gui.sh script which makes it clear you just create a templates directory and copy the queue_templates, tests, and tutorials sub directory into it.

Thanks! -Tyson

PS: Would be really nice if a standard install from source just worked out of the box.

How are you installing? conda or python setup.py?

I was installing by setup.py. This was part of a larger effort though to package it with nix for our clusters.

Following what was done in the various conda packaging scripts got me an install that works.

Thanks! -Tyson

PS: It seems initially the thought was it would be run out of the source directory. Following the conda packaging work though, it is possible to do a more regular style install.

I should add, conda, while convenient for people running a standard distro, is a big frustration for us when it comes to python packages on our compute clusters.

We have many custom compiled items tweaked for our machines that inevitably interact badly with the binary blobs and baked in binary assumptions that come with non-source based distributions methods like conda.

Thanks! -Tyson