A question about #!MFIX-GUI

Hi, Developers

I would like to ask you what is the function of the codes starting with #!MFIX-GUI in .mfx or mfix.dat source file? I know this codes can be parameters for GUI. But i don’t if these codes still take effect for runs without GUI.

Thank you!

Hi -

All lines starting with # are considered comments by the MFiX solver, so these have no effect on the run at all. #!MFIX-GUI is a particular format of comment that we came up with to save GUI settings in the same file as the model settings. They are ignored by the solver, like all the other comments in the project file.

However, we are probably saving too much in that section, so we are considering moving some of the settings to a separate file after all, to reduce the number of times we modify and save the project file during operations. If you look at the revision history, a lot of new revisions are being made due to changes in the graphics state, which clutters up the history. This will be changed in the 21.4 or 22.1 release, which should make the ‘History’ feature more useful.

– Charles