About response function

How do I derive the fitting function of the response surface?

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What do you mean by

Do you want to export the model?

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As far as I know, a response surface corresponds to a fit function, which I want to derive

If you are asking how to derive it, as in, write it down analytically with pencil and paper, that’s beyond the scope of this forum. If you are asking how to parameterize it so that you can evaluate it at any given input condition, I think that’s what we’ve called an emulator.

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how can I export the model through nodeworks and what steps I need to perform?

Unfortunately, there really is no way to export a model from nodeworks. Even the underlying libraries such as scikit-learn don’t have good options. What model are you using and what do you want to do with it?

The simplest approach is to pickle the trained model which you could then load later in another python instance. I can help you write some code in a Code node to do that.