Accounting phase change in MFix

Dear All,

I need to simulate a phenomenon where a mixture of two solid powders melt and react in their molten phase to release heat. Is there a way to account for the phase change of the solid particles to molten state? Does MFix have that capability?


MFIX has no capacity in describing such a phase change phenomenon. The melt process involves the track of free surface of liquid. Thus, maybe OpenFOAM can do it. You can refer to this work: Wang Z, Yan W, Liu W K, et al. Powder-scale multi-physics modeling of multi-layer multi-track selective laser melting with sharp interface capturing method[J]. Computational Mechanics, 2019, 63(4): 649-661.

By the way, I also want to simulate the similar process and stuck in it for many days. If you want, you can contact me for a further discussion.


Hello Shuai,

Thanks for your suggestion. Can you please share your email ID?

I am working on OpenFOAM for phase change of iron ore in a blast furnace. The deposition of particles is modeled by the DEM model while the phase change process is simulated by the VoF model, in which the interface is captured. I don’t think the MFIX can simulate such a thermophysical process. Thus, the OpenFOAM is suggested.


I am trying to simulate the encapsulated phase change slurry (water+ capsule) under the effect of heat flux.

At this moment, I am not interested to capture the interface. Based on the melting temperature, can I do it using Mfix?