Add a P1 radiation model to the DEM simulation

Dear developer:
I am new to mfix.I recently read an article about adding P1 radiation models to mfix ( Kotteda, VM Krushnarao, and Michael Stoellinger. “Study the thermal radiation effects in gas-solid flows with gray and non-gray P1 models implemented in MFiX.” ).And I get the Source Code from the github(GitHub - kvmkrao/MFiX-RAD: MFiX suite with gray and non-gray thermal radiation models),but when I use it in mfix-21.3.2, problem occurs.How can I solve it?

Thank you!

The RAD plugin is not supported by NETL, but you might be able to get it to work. I have never compiled it so I don’t have specific directions.

At the very least, I think you would have to modify CMakeLists.txt in the model directory. Looking at the in the R5 subdir, it looks like this plugin is targeting MFiX 20.4.2, so you may have to make some small adjustments to the code to get it to build against current MFiX versions.

Honestly, the MFiX-RAD GitHub repo is a bit of a mess - I don’t know what the R1 … R5 directories are (releases?), there’s no instructions, etc. I suggest contacting the author by opening a GitLab issue at kvmkrao/MFiX-RAD and requesting some clear instructions on how to build this.

– Charles

Charles,thank you very much for your reply.I build this after I modified
CMakeLists.txt.Now,I am trying to use it to finish my own work.R1…R5 are the tests about this code.

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