An error happened when generating mesh

When generating mesh using SMS mesher in MFIX 21.1.4, I get an error of the case.

104.stl (9.7 KB)
105.mfx (7.6 KB)
I don’t know how to solve the problem.

Also, in the tutorial, SMS meshing workflow, cyclone, Discrete Element Model (DEM),the model in the stl file is made up of a lot of tiny planes, which confused me, because the side of the cylinder model I built is a whole face.
I want to know what software is used to build the 3D model of the STL file in the tutorial.
Thank you!

That’s strange, Raymond. The error you posted looks like the run_name keyword is not set in the input file. But it is. When I ran your case here I got an error, but a different one:

Today is a holiday (Thanksgiving) in the USA, and the lab is closed today and tomorrow. We’ll get back to this on Monday.

– Charles