Ask for guidance on how to use files about DESParticleGen.f90

Hello teacher, I am a MFIX-DEM new user, and want to learn how to generate the particles_input.dat file. I know in this file the first two or three digits of each line represents the particle position coordinates, and next digits are the diameter and density. I also know that probably should use the DESParticleGen. F90 in the tools folder. So I ask for your guidance on how to use this DESParticleGen.f90 file. Should I put it and file together in one folder,and use the following three code to compile (…/…/Configure_mfix FC=gfortran FCFLAGS=’ -g-o2 ’ ; make; ./mfix)? I would appreciate it very much if you could reply me at your convenience.Please help me!

DESParticleGen.f is a stand-alone program and is the input file that specifies what to generate.

To compile using GNU Fortran:

gfortran -ffree-form DESParticleGen.f -o pargen

This will create an executable called pargen that when run, will generate a particle_input.dat file based on the setting provided in the file.

Thank you very much indeed. Your detailed description helped me a lot.

Perhaps I will encounter other problems, and I will be very grateful for your teaching later.

Hello teacher,I have a new problem. I am doing a two-dimensional flow simulation in a rectangular riser, with the inlet air and carbon particles at the bottom center. There is a part of sand bed material in the riser, but the calculation fails and there is an error of segmentation fault - invalid memory reference. Please tell me which part of the keyword parameters should be modified.It would be much appreciated if you could help me look at the mfix.dat file settings at your convenience.What’s more,would you please give me your email address so that I can learn and communicate with you easier?

If you can, please post your project files here. This is our public support forum and gives the opportunity for others to help and learn as well. We will not be providing personal email addresses.