Batch solving errors

Hello. The SCC I’m working on keeps reporting the following error:

I’m running mfix through conda and submitting the following batch script. I believe it’s failing at the conda activate line as well as the final line.

particle-bed-campaign.TXT (162 Bytes)

The thing is, if I type the commands in manually, the shell allows me to run on a serial instance (not satisfactory for my short/long-term needs). I can confirm through an output file that the solver is building successfully.

I don’t understand what is going on. You are building the solver with build_mfixsolver --dmp --batch, which should result in an un-wrapped solver, but the error is giving you :thinking:

The error is telling you that you can’t pass key=value pairs to the solver on the command line. So put them in the *.mfix file.

Interesting, and very worth a try. I’ll check to see if NODESi and NODESj can be set in the .mfix file. The user guide instructed its declaration when calling the ./mfixsolver in the command line.

The user guide explicitly states “NODESI”/“NODESJ”; but when I ran serially, I received an unknown keyword error unless I changed the ‘i’ and ‘j’ to lower case.

As for your first statement, are you suggesting I should include either --dmp or --batch, and not both? Should I change the order in which they appear? A bit unsure what is meant by an un-wrapped solver.

It doesn’t matter what the order of the args is and you can use both --dmp and --batch. Since you built with --batch, you should not see This makes me think that your calling the wrong mfixsolver? Or maybe you need to do a make clean in the build directory if you previously built a python wrapped solver (i.e. without the --batch flag).

@mark.meredith Any ideas?

The keywords are in all uppercase. NODESI,NODESJ,NODESK apply for DMP (MPI) runs, so they do not apply and should not be used when running serially (the error message ought to be more clear, though)

If you build without --batch (the default, wrapped pymfix), you cannot pass NODESI (or any other keyword) on the command line (put them in the *.mfx file instead)

If you build with --batch (unwrapped), you can pass NODESI etc. keywords on the command line.

This has solved the initial error! Thanks a bunch!

Unfortunately, I’m now receiving the following error seemingly associated with the mpirun command


The .TXT file I’m submitting is the exact same as the one uploaded above, except with NODESi and NODESj corrected to the uppercase.

Next to sensitive information of mine, the report also says $’/r’: command not found

figured this one out; had blanks in my .TXT file which it didn’t like.