Bubble resolution

Hello Team, I’m using TFM in MFiX-19.3.1. I have a question on bubble shape resolution.

1. How to improve/resolve shape of bubble better? I’ve tried with lower mesh size: simulation takes much more long hours and images are same. [What changes in discretization or solver settings can help here?]


It would have been more useful if you shared your MFX file so that others might view your model settings and advise accordingly. To resolve the meso scale structures you typically need a grid size in the range of 3 - 10 particle diameters. Generally higher order discretization schemes such as superbee give better
resolution [The effect of numerical diffusion on simulation of isolated bubbles in a gas–solid fluidized bed - ScienceDirect Friction stress models also have a significant effect on bubble shape and resolution [A critical comparison of frictional stress models applied to the simulation of bubbling fluidized beds - ScienceDirect].