Bug report during the tutorial 3.8

After doing 3.8.3(MFiX user Guide) and I pressed ‘Run’, I got this Bug report.
How can I do?
cyclone_sms_2024-01-12T064442.534847.zip (30.5 MB)

Hi, welcome to the MFiX forum.

The error you posted

File ".../status_manager.py", line 95, in update_progress_bar
    percent = 100 * safe_float(t, 1.0) / safe_float(ts, 1.0)

is happening in the code that updates the progress bar in the MFiX GUI. It is dividing the current time by the total estimated time to derive the percent done. But somehow the estimated total time was 0, resulting in an error. There should be a check for total time == 0 before doing the division. I will fix this for the next MFiX release.

Since this is only the progress bar and not part of the simulation, this error can be safely ignored for now.

It looks like this was already fixed in MFiX 23.4. You are running version 23.2.

I got it. Thank you!