Build batch solver failed in linux

i am new guy for mfix, i want to run the mfix for batch calculation, so i typed the “build_mfixsolver --batch” in terminal. but output the build failed, the figure as followed:

how should i solve this problem?

It looks like you may be missing some utility program such as ar (part of binutils) but this is just a guess. I cannot reproduce this problem. Can you please run:

(mfix-23.2)  $ build_mfixsolver --batch --verbose >& build_log.txt

and upload the build_log.txt file here? Thanks.

now i reinstall the mfix, but it shows the other error, the figure is as followed:

how to resolve it

thank you, i have solve the problem by referring your former answer in the link Unable to Build Solver in Linux version - MFiX / Installation - NETL Flow Science Software Support (

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