C3M Application Not Starting

Hello, it seems there is an error in opening C3M on my Windows 10 machine. I had been able to open it before in version 21.2.1 but after it crashed last week, it hasn’t been able to open since, even after uninstalling and redownloading a few different versions.

The “Loading Fuels” popup will show for a few seconds but after it closes, the application does not open for versions 20.2.1, 21.2, and 21.2.1.

Is there anything I might be able to check to fix this?

Start by renaming your export and working directories and relaunching the app.

Thanks for the suggestion. It worked once after renaming the directories, but not after the following attempts. I deleted these directories again and it seems to regenerate new ones before opening the application successfully.

When you launch C3M for the first time, it will create the working and the export directories. The included or default fuels then populate the working directory. On cursory launches it just reads the working directory. If something is errant in the working directory, its possible you will get a hang or crash.

I see that deleting that directory solved the problem (at least initially). Is the problem fully addressed or does it reoccur?

Occasionally the app will not open after renaming the directories, but it eventually does work after a few more attempts.