Compile GUI solver with ifort and mpiifort

I have installed the Intel mpi and Fortran compiler on a VM running Fedora 34. When running MFiX as usual through Anaconda, I do get the following errors. I believe both errors are caused by the GUI usually adhering to GNU compilers. Is there an easy fix to this? Apparently both Intel compilers are recognized (found) and ready to use.

ENABLE_PYMFIX is the flag which turns on interactive support in the GUI, this means that the GUI can monitor the state of the solver, and that you can pause the solver, change keys, and restart it. I’m not sure what would be required to make that work with Intel Fortran, I’ll look into this if I get a chance.

In the meanwhile I suggest you go to the main “Settings” panel and “Enable developer mode”, this will give you an option on the build popup to build a “batch” solver without the extra hooks for interactivity. The GUI will be a little confused (no “stop” button) but it should run. Let me know how it goes.

– Charles