Compiling Issue through slurm for HPC (Param-ishan)

Hello Everyone!!
I have submitted my job through slurm for the HPC facility. The job results with an error in the script. I have tried to rectify the script, however I could not resolve the issue. Therefore, I request to kindly help me with the script. The .zip file contains all the details related to the job.
HPC (110.2 KB)

The specifications of the HPC is also attached herewith.

Thanks in advance.


Everything you need to know is in the file job.127746.err

For every job, Slurm creates 2 files, job.<ID>.out and job<ID>.err which contain normal output and error output from the job.

The error output is:

/var/spool/slurm/slurmd/job127746/slurm_script: line 12: /home/apps/rabindra/ No such file or directory
cat: ./Gasifier_HT_2.0ms_900s_29Mar2023.mfx: No such file or directory
/var/spool/slurm/slurmd/job127746/slurm_script: line 38: mfixsolver: command not found

This means that the worker node does not see the file /home/apps/rabindra/ Either this path is incorrect (should it be /home/rabindra/apps/?, or your worker nodes do not see the same mounted file system. This is not really an MFiX issue. I suggest you get help from your local computing support until you are able to run a simple non-MFiX job, then try the MFiX job.