Conveyor-3d with Glued-sphere-particles

I have modified the conveyor-3d project:

I set the solver to “Glued-sphere-particle” and the Model of Solid 1 to “Glued-sphere particle DEM (MFIX-GSP)”. The Number of Spheres is set to 4. Any other parameters were set by the Glued sphere designer (Eq. dial: 0.0975, area 0.037, volume 0.000485, Q1=1, Q2, Q3, Q4 = 0).

While running the simulation, I encountered the following error message:

"Error 1110: Solids velocity for BC 6 is too low to satisfy DEM inlet packing restrictions.

Max user-specified BC velocity: 0.20000
Minimum required solids Velocity: 0.92909"

If I increase the BC velocity (Y-axial velocity of the top inlet / ID6) to 0.93 and higher, the minimum required velocity also increases accordingly.

How can I fix this problem? Thanks in advance.

Hi @cgcglw

Can you please attach your project files so we can have a look? “Main menu / Submit bug report” and upload the zip file. Thanks. (64.0 MB)

Hi @cgw

Thank you for your help.

Apologies, I have now fully reviewed the error message:

“Decrease the solids volume fraction to increase solids velocity.”

I set the volume fraction to 0.05, whereas the original value was 0.3. Consequently, the minimum required velocity has decreased to below 0.20.