Creating fuel bed region in a cylindrical shaped geometry


Hai Developer,
I am trying to simulate radiative heat transfer from the heating rod to the solid fuels in a cylindrical pan (d = 13 cm and h = 5 cm). The heating rod (d = 1 cm, h = 5 cm) is placed at the center of the cylindrical pan whereas the fuels have to be loaded around the heating rod (without touching the heating rod). I could not create such a region (volume) for seeding the solid particles. A simple 2D schematic of the geometry is attached below for reference. Could you please suggest a way to create a region (volume) for the above mentioned case? Thanks.

Hi @Shanmugasundaram

Sorry for the delayed response. Have you found a solution to this? If you are still working on this problem, I’d suggest writing a small Python or C program to write a particle_input.dat file. Generate particles using either a lattice or random positions, then reject the ones in the forbidden zone. If you need help with developing this code, I can assist.

– Charles

Hi again. I took a seeding program I had lying around and modified it for the cylindrical geometry. Let me know if you have any questions.

particles6_cylinder.c (3.5 KB)