Data Extraction

How do I extract data such as void fraction (specific y value - ie: y=2.4mm) in a TFM simulation in MFix as a textfile?

Hello and welcome to the MFiX forum. I’m not 100% sure I understand your question but I believe that you can use the Monitors feature to do what you are asking.

The documentation for Monitors is lacking (we will add this) but it works more or less the same way the rest of the GUI works - you need to define a Region for the data you want to extract:


then in Monitors you create a new monitor associated with this region:

This is saved as a CSV file that you can easily operate on.

Note that the Monitors define basic statistics (min, max. avg, flow rates etc) since the region generally is larger than a single point. However you can define a point region and then save the value at that exact point with “Monitor type: Value” (this is only enabled for point regions).

Hope this helps,
– Charles