Decreasing input rate

I have a DEM model of a hopper feeding a box. This supplies the box with particles at a set input rate. I want to slow down the input rate that the hopper feeds the box.

I have been told by my supervisor that it is possible to slow down the input rate to the model, by adding a boundary condition and then changing the mass inflow rate. Here you can substitute the fluid with the solids.

I am struggling to work out where to start with this, would anybody be able to give me a starting point?

rice_experiment.mfx (14.2 KB)

Hi, your case is simillar to this post How to set the inlet gas velocity increasing linearly with time

In this post, there is a usr1.f file that is a user-defined function that you can modify and you must save it in the same location as your .mfx file. Para usarla debe tener activa la opciĆ³n call_usr = .True. en tu archivo .mfx

I see that your file does not have input or output flows in the BC, first you must set it and change in line 52: BC_V_g (1) by index and the type of flow of the BC that appears in your .mfx

You can upgrade your UDF with IF, DO, WHILE, or whatever you want of Fortran.

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