Deprecated GCC install command on Linux 64-bit systems

The instruction “Run conda install gcc make⏎ to install GCC and GNU Make” in the MFIX documentation (2.3. Linux Installation — MFiX 20.4-dev documentation) seems to be deprecated since Anaconda v5. Could the tutorial be updated to suggest trying “conda install gcc_linux-64 make” instead? I did not have issues with make, just gcc.

Yes, that seems correct. (Usually I use the system GCC compiler to build MFiX rather than the Anaconda GCC.) I will update the documentation. Thanks!

Great! I tried using my system GCC and kept running into problems with the wrappers for some reason. Ultimately installing both gcc_linux-64 and gfortran_linux-64 did the trick!

For other newbies like me - as of Anaconda v5, the executable name of the compilers is prefaced by “x86_64-conda_cos6-linux-gnu-<>”. If you want to set your compiler flag to Anaconda’s gfortran compiler for example, look for an executable called “x86_64-conda_cos6-linux-gnu-gfortran” not “gfortran”!