DMP solver crash


Type of issue
solver crash

Details on how to reproduce the issue. If MFiX crashed or failed, how long does it take? I built the DMP solver in GUI. Built was successful. But when a simulation is lauched, the solver crashes immediately, but proceeds with calculations

Attempts to fix the issue
Rebuilding the solver

Did you?

  • Select the relevant category (Installation / How to / Bug report / Share)? Yes
  • Search the forum for similar issues, Read the documentation (MFiX User Manual — MFiX 22.4 documentation)? Yes
  • Inspect the console, error and warning messages? Yes
  • Modify the code, or write UDFs? No
  • Run the solver in debug mode? No

Attach project files
Attach zip file generated from main menu> submit bug report.

Backtrace for this error:
#0 leqsol_MOD_dot_product_par._omp_fn.0
  at leqsol_mod.f:1064
#1 GOMP_parallel
  at ../../../libgomp/parallel.c:178
#2 leqsol_MOD_dot_product_par
  at leqsol_mod.f:1059
#3 leq_bicgs_mod_MOD_leq_bicgs0
  at leq_bicgs.f:330
#4 leq_bicgs_mod_MOD_leq_bicgs
  at leq_bicgs.f:91
#5 solve_lin_eq_mod_MOD_solve_lin_eq
  at solve_lin_eq.f:165
#6 u_m_star
  at solve_vel_star.f:358
#7 solve_vel_star_mod_MOD_solve_vel_star
  at solve_vel_star.f:134
#8 iterate_MOD_do_iteration
  at iterate.f:255
#9 run_fluid
  at mfix.f:188
#10 run_mfix
  at mfix.f:142
#11 main_MOD_run_mfix0
  at main.f:79

I see that your solver has both SMP and DMP enabled. While this should be OK, I think it might be the source of the problem (since the crash is in a function marked _omp_fn). Try disabling SMP and rebuilding the solver.

Rebuilding with DMP only did not help