Does the run stop when the pc is on sleep mode?


I have left my case to run for 2 days and when I came back, it was in running however it showed no progress at all and continued from the last time I left it, which means the simulation stopped when I left the computer. does the run stop when the pc is on sleep mode?


Hi, in my case I leave our computer with a lock screen that uses the same computational resources as when it is active, unlike the sleep mode that reduces its power or stops the processes in general.

Also, we run the cases from the command line with screen command so that the process runs in the background, the latter is quite comfortable in our work area

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Mariam - Sleep mode means that all processes are suspended, including MFiX simulations. You can change your laptop settings to avoid entering sleep mode, to avoid this. There’s nothing that MFiX can do about it.

  • Charles