DT<DTmin,initial non-convergence

When I run the case, I get a DT<DTmin error at the initial moment, and I’ve tried some of the solutions in the support but it still doesn’t solve the problem.
For example, I resize the grid, set “Maximum iterations” to 200,set the number of iterations to 200 for the gas pressure and uncheck “Detect stall”.
I don’t know what more I can adjust, can you check my case for me?
xiejun.mfx (25.1 KB)
usr_rates.f (3.9 KB)
usr_rates_des.f (5.7 KB)

Does the case run if you disable the chemical reactions?

If the chemical reaction is disabled, the case still does not run.

What version did you use? I tried newest mfix and it did not have the DT issue.

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Thanks Renjie, that’s a very good point.

You can see the MFiX version at the top of the .mfx file:

#! File written Mon Jun 10 15:54:31 2024
#! MFiX version 23.3.2 by 18370 on DESKTOP-8TS8PN4

So, @wangjinjing, please upgrade MFiX!

– Charles