Error 1000: Unable to match particles crossing processor boundaries

After building the solver, click Run to report an error.Before this error, it could run normally, but after changing the inlet wind speed, it ran into problems. * Looking forward to your reply. Thank you (51.7 KB)

Hi Yao Ling.

I changed the subject of your post because it’s not a solver build error (you built the solver successfully), it is a runtime error. If you scroll up a little bit in the console window (lower right) you’ll see this message:

 Error 1000: Unable to match particles crossing processor boundaries.
   Source Proc:         1 ---> Destination Proc:         0
   Global Particle ID:          272
(PE  0) : A fatal error occurred in des routines

Note that this message should be triggering a popup but it’s not, I think because the “MPI_ABORT” message took precedence. I’ll take a look at fixing that. For now you might have to scroll up a bit to make sure you see all the messages:

Next step is to search the forum for terms like DESMPI_UNPACK_PARCROSS and Unable to match particles, this returns a bunch of results including this helpful reply: