I only changed the particle density in my case, then i got this error:
Error 1000: Unable to match particles crossing processor boundaries.
Source Proc: 0 —> Destination Proc: 0
Global Particle ID: 819
Does anyone have solutions for this error? thanks.

Can you post your case? How many processors are you running on and what compiler/version?

Two things to check:

  1. Are your particles too soft (KN too small)?
  2. If you are using an STL file for geometries, is it of good quality?

Both of these can result in particles moving too fast causing the MPI pack/unpack routines to fail.

Hi Onlyjus,
Only one processors I used, and I tried both intel and gfortran compiler. it is not the first time I got this error. I was thinking it is not directly related with processors. Anyway, thank you for your help.

Hi Jmusser,
Good idea, i will check kn and solid time step.Thank you.