Error in plotting points in DOE

Here is the error that shows up:
If you continue running, the application may become unstable. Consider saving your work now.
Error: can’t set attribute
File “…/defaultnodes/surrogate_modeling_analysis/”, line 833, in build_doe
File “…/defaultnodes/surrogate_modeling_analysis/”, line 1053, in update_plot
File “…/tools/”, line 88, in func_wrapper
return func(*args, **kwargs)
File “…/tools/”, line 1399, in clearAxesData
File “…/tools/”, line 2017, in _clearAxesData
File “…/tools/”, line 575, in clearData
File “…/tools/”, line 704, in _clearMPLData = []

How should I fix this issue?

can you share the *.nc file?

Here is the .nc file link:

Any update? Is there a way to fix this issue?

nodeworks version: 20.2.0
Python version: 3.7.10 (default, Feb 26 2021, 18:47:35)
[GCC 7.3.0]
Qt wrapper: PyQt5
Qt version: 5.9.6
qtpy version: 2.0.1
Numpy version: 1.21.5

I fixed it (and a couple other issues with changes in library calls). Building a point release now.

I really appreciate your update. Is a notification sent once the point release is available in the public domain?

I just pushed a conda package release candidate, version 22.1.0. I am still testing it, need to iron out a couple issues with the pipeline, but you can install it via:

conda  install nodeworks=22.1.0 -c<key>/conda/dist -c conda-forge

Hello onlyjus,
I installed the point release and everything is working well now. I really appreciate your help. Are the issues in the pipeline related to surrogate modelling?

Thank you.

Abhijeet C.

No, building the other packaging options and deploying updated documentation.

Although, the Gaussian Process method in the Response Surface Node is acting a little strange. Seems like Scikit-learn changed something. I am still playing around with that.