Error in sqp simulation

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Program received signal SIGFPE: Floating-point exception - erroneous arithmetic operation.
Backtrace for this error:
#0 sq_contact_newton_dpmethod_mod_MOD_func_dp_b
at des/sq_contact_detection_newton.f:902
#1 sq_contact_newton_dpmethod_mod_MOD_sq_contact_newton_dp_b
at des/sq_contact_detection_newton.f:601
#2 sq_calc_force_mod_MOD_calc_force_superdem
at des/sq_calc_force_superdem.f:373
#3 des_time_march_MOD_des_time_step
at des/des_time_march.f:192
#4 run_dem
at mfix.f:211
#5 run_mfix
at mfix.f:146
#6 main_MOD_run_mfix0
at main.f:79

Which MFiX version is this?

You can try disabling FPE traps as described here: Float overflow at des/cfnewvalues.f:539 running SQP simulation - #3 by cgw (change 23.1 in the instructions to the version you are running, preferably the latest version which is 23.2)