Error running mfix

Dear Experts,
My system got stock while I was running a simulation using mfix-23.2 so I forced the system to shut down. When I rebooted, I could no longer successfully run mfix. A picture of the error message is attached. I have tried running different versions of mfix, including the 23.4.1 version, but I am still getting the same error. I have uninstalled and removed all mfix environments as well as anaconda on the system, and reinstalled them, but I still get the error.
Please can you look into this?
Thank you.

There is a hidden file .visual_props in the project directory which is failing to load. This file contains the settings of the GUI which are not model inputs.

Note you use “Submit bug report” from the main MFiX menu this file will be included in the bug report.

However I suspect that this file is somehow corrupted. You can probably just remove it and the case will load. I’ll try to improve the file-loading code for the next release.

MFiX loads now. Thank you!

Good news. Sorry for the trouble. I’m not sure how the “visual_props” file got corrupted but clearly we need to add some more protection to the code that handles this file.

Your continuous dedication and commitment to running to our aid is so much appreciated.

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