Error using Sensitivity Analysis in Nodeworks


I am trying to follow the example problem for sensitivity analysis. However, I do not see a sensitivity analysis node under “surrogate modeling and analysis” option. Also the tab for “sensitivity analysis” is inactive when I try the “node wizard”.

If I check the node library tab, it shows “could not import” besides “mfix” and “surrogate modeling”.

Everything else DOE, Surrogate, optimization seems to be working.

Please advice.


SALib, the library that we use for the sensitivity analysis moved some of their modules around causing import exceptions which is why you don’t see the Sensitivity node.

I am working on a new release which will fix this issue, and add new features. Hold tight.

Thanks. I was able to use SALib functions directly with “code” node. So, for the time being all is good.

Excellent tool btw, very intuitive. Extremely helpful in teaching undergrad student/ new researchers basic DOE, Surrogate modeling and Sensitivity analysis.


Awesome! Please let me know if you have suggestions. Always looking to improve it.

Sneak peek of two new nodes that will be in the next release (generic model creator and queue):

I hopefully fixed the SALib issues and pushed the 20.1.0 release out.

There were import errors with the SALib version, and now Pandas is a dependency of SALib. They also did not have an updated build on, so we are building one now: