Fixed Bed vs. Fluidized Bed

Hello. I’m hoping to model a fixed bed adsorption column using TFM. I want to use TFM, because the DEM model does not allow me to unselect the U,V,W momentum equations (thus emulating a “fixed” bed).

I set up the sim, but it seems as though turning off the momentum equations for the solid in TFM cause the solid to just disappear altogether. I’ve got the void fraction of the solid set to 0.5(s)/0.5(air).

File:Porous-Test-Holloway.mfx (26.7 KB)

The following images show void fraction for TFM and DEM respectively.

I don’t want to use DEM, but I experimented with it because I had the suspicion the solid wasn’t being modeled at all in the TFM.