Floting point error is occuring

Dear Expert,

I used a custom drag model and ran the simulation float invalid operation in __wrap_pow, the error is coming. I submit bug report, can you please tell me why this error is coming and why the simulation is not starting.

gao125_2024-02-28T183040.466954.zip (894.5 KB)

Chhotelal, you need to learn to debug your own code. It’s not easy to develop MFiX UDF code on Windows because the debugging tools aren’t available and the stack traces are incomplete. Can you get access to a Linux machine for your work?

Dear CGW,
I don’t have full access to Linux machines, can I debug this code on Linux then use this code on Windows

You’d be much better off using a Linux machine for development. Once the code is written and debugged you could use it anywhere. You could try installing Linux on a partition on your Windows machine (however we cannot assist with this).

Note that we have limited resources for support and cannot serve as your dedicated debugging team. You should really try to get help from somebody at your institution.

Furthermore, I ran the attached case and did not get a floating point error. It ran to completion. And there’s no errors in the log files you uploaded. Are you sure you uploaded the correct files?