Garg interpolation issue


Passing simulations from 2018 to newer version I noticed that a simulation that works with MFIX 18.1.5 does not with MFIX-19.3.1. I thought it was on my modified subroutines, but as you can see when testing the attach simulation it seems to be inherent to the newer mfix since there are no subroutines in the attached test. It is due to garg(2012) interpolation. Note that the simulation is in dmp with nodesi=2. If one uses nodesi=1 it works with 2019 and also if one takes off the cyclic BC. But I need those two aspects and since it works with 2018 that should not happen… (163.4 KB)

Any suggestion on why that is??



Hi Eric. What failure are you seeing with mfix 19? Have you tried mfix version 20.1 ?