GUI does not fit in my screen

The GUI version 20.1.2 does not fit to my screen and I cannot access the bottom toolbar and some icons at the bottom, like the OK button when using the chemistry part.
I do not have this problem with the GUI when using the 19.3.1 version.
How can I fix my problem??

What version of Ubuntu are you using?
Is the windows maximized in the screenshot? If not, what happens when you click on the Maximize button for the MFiX window?

The version is 16.0.4.
Nothing happens when I click on the Maximize button. When I click, the Maximize button shape changes but the size does not change at all. Indeed, It does not work.
I have reinstalled the latest version of MFiX but the problem does not solved.
At the same time as I told you, the 19.3.1 version does not have this problem.

Is one of the model setup panes cut-off? I wonder if we need to add a scroll bar somewhere?

I develop on a 13" screen and it seems fine.

Even when I open the tutorial files, I am not able to see the bottom toolbar. I have checked everything. But I do not know what is the problem with this version on my laptop.
I do not face this issue when I use the 19.3.1 version.
I have also changed the screen resolution and size in ubuntu but that bottom toolbar does not become visible.
What is the problem ???

Can you click through the panes (circled in red) and see if any of them have widgets that are cut-off (at the green squiggle)?

All the panes are ok except the “OK” and “Cancel” bottom at the chemistry pane.
Also, the “Modeler”,“Nodeworks”, “Editor” and those bottom at the right bottom corner of the GUI (upward and downward arrows) are not shown in the screen. you will see all the issues in the photo that I have sent in the previous post.

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