GUI does'nt open after Xreating Alias called mfix in bashrc

Dear Community,
I downloaded mfix from the anaconda environment following the steps in the documentation. I ran into an error when I created an alias in bashrc of the same name (mfix) to open the GUI from mfix environment. I have tried uninstalling mfix and reinstalling, undoing the alias, uninstalling anaconda and redoing all the steps. How do i proceed in this case?

Please post your .bashrc, thanks

Here is the screenshot of the new lines that have been added in my bashrc. I removed the alias for mfix (didn’t forget to source bashrc) and tried it again but it didn’t work.

Remove the line alias mfix='conda activate mfix-22.3', that is what is keeping you from being able to run mfix. You can remove the alias in your current session with unalias mfix; otherwise you may have to log out and back in for the .bashrc changes to take effect.

If you want to make alias that sets up the environment and starts mfix, you could do:

alias mfix='conda activate mfix-22.3; \mfix

As explained in the bash documentation, the backslash causes the shell to run the un-aliased mfix, otherwise you would have a circular definition.

thank you @cgw, i got it working after restarting the shell session and after unaliasing.