Help for POST_MFiX


I am using MFiX Batch solver (versions 19.3.1 / 2016.1 / 2013.2) with cylindrical coordinates for modelling vertical transport with 3D TFM. I am using Ubuntu 18.04.5 with GNU 7.5.0.

Wondering if detailed user guidance is available for the POST_MFiX options 2-10 please?

Thank you.


All the documentation we have is here: 7.2. Post Processing — MFiX 22.1 documentation

What are you trying to do? TBH, I don’t use post_mfix.

Hi Justin,

I am using the MFiX batch solver and VisIt to visualize the results.

At the moment I am trying to adapt a .RES for a new grid with post_mfix (option 3). Going forward I may be using the other options too.

The current user manual (and the manuals available within the source codes of previous MFiX versions going back to 2012) covers the option 1 in detail. Some of the other options are covered in the user manual dated Nov 1994. Appreciate if you are able to share a later guidance please (perhaps from an MFiX version prior to 2012).

Thank you.