How do I create a particle_input.dat file for my Hybrid Mfix Model?

I am trying to build a hybrid TFM DEM model as well, and a rough sketch of my concept looks like the image ive attached. Can you help me build it or help me with a similar project file that you’ve worked on, as I am new to MFiX and I am on a very short deadline to understand and build a Hybrid TFM-DEM Model

Hi @ckryptickunal -

The Hybrid model in MFiX has been deprecated for several years and is no longer supported.

In recent versions of MFiX it probably does not work at all, due to the changes to keywords EP_G (required by TFM) and DES_EPG_CLIP (required by DEM phases) - both of these cannot both be set at the same time, making it impossible to run TFM+DEM hybrid cases.

It’s possible that you may be able to get this working with an older version of MFiX but unfortunately we are not able to provide support for hybrid models in MFiX.

– Charles