How exactly to setup the mesher?

In MIFX I am trying to mesh a simple cyclone (created using MFIX).

However, its difficult to mesh - as some cut-cells are too small (velocity blows up), and if I do coarse, then the geometry is not retained.

Thus, I am wondering what exactly each of the meshing things mean.

For example, allocation factor. MFIX documentation says its the factor to allocate cutcells. But what does that exactly mean? Is there a much detailed documentation on each of these things?

Also, attached are my project files for STL and MFX.
geometry_0001.stl (2.1 MB)
geometry_0001.stl (2.1 MB)
fassani_cyclone.mfx (16.8 KB)
geometry_1.STL (346.1 KB)

Hi Niranjan,

I have just tried to make myself familiar with cutcell meshing method, and I found this document which might be useful for you too. The method adopted in MFIX looks to be a modified version of a paper referenced in this document.–J-Dietiker-42209.pdf

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Dear Mahdi,

I checked out the presentation. Although very informative, it still does not answer my question of how to set different parameters in the ‘mesher’.

Any comments on that?