How to generate particles from meshed hexahedral control volumes

Dear All,

I recently read the Lu’s research work regarding generating glued particles in different shapes. Referred link is: Simulations of biomass pyrolysis using glued-sphere CFD-DEM with 3-D intra-particle models - ScienceDirect

I have a question about how the author generated the spheres using the finite volume CFD cells generated by MFiX SMS. I would appreciate any reply from yours!

Thank you in advance!

If you have not yet upgraded to MFiX 24.1, I suggest you do so, as it includes the glued-sphere partcile (GSP) model and a new “Glued-sphere designer” which lets you create GSP configurations.

Note that this code is still under active development.

I do not believe that Liquiang Lu reads this support forum, but if you have specific questions about the paper you cited, their email address is included in the paper and you can try to contact them directly.

– Charles

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