How to implement the BC at the inlet with a decreasing gas velocity?

Hi Dear ALL,

I want to implement a BC at the column inlet at which the gas vekocity decreases with the time. What kind of *.f or keywords shoud I use? Thank you so much.


See similar topics, you might find a solution.

Gaoxi, thank you so much. I found the solution:)

Hi Gaoxi, I got this when I am trying to compile usr1.f. This warning will affect the results? Thank you.

It seems that the clock on the build machine is out of sync with the timestamps on the source files. (you might find a solution online)

I suggest:

make clean ! to remove previous .o files
make -j ! make again and try

Yes, the warning disappears when I try:
make clean
make -j

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Gaoxi, I got this error. Could you give me any reminder? Thank you.

I set BC at the inlet as follows

Is that because bc_p_g(1)=101325 was not defined ?

Thank Gaoxi. I will try it later.