How to installed mfix in the HPC

I have some queries regarding the “installation of MFIX in my HPC account”. I would greatly appreciate it if you could guide me through the process of installing MFIX and explain how I can optimize the job execution speed.

This is not very specific. You have not provided any details at all about the HPC system. I suggest you get advice from local experts who know your system setup.

If all the worker nodes have a shared filesystem (eg NFS) I would start by installing mambaforge (this is smaller than the full Anaconda dowload) and then follow the “Alternate installation” instructions here:

This should be enough to get the GUI running (note, you may need to use vglrun) but to submit jobs to the HPC cluster you will need to create or modify a queue template, as described in the MFiX manual here:

Thank you for your response, Is there any activation id or anything else required for the installation of MFix in HPC?

No, there is no activation id. Just need to download the code.

which code do we have to download for installation the Mfix in the HPC

Have you installed MFiX before? Maybe try installing on a single node before installing on HPC cluster. The instructions I provided above should suffice.