How to set the particle elastic coefficient?

I would like to ask where to set the elastic coefficient, recovery coefficient and friction factor of particles?
Thank you!

Are you familiar with the MFiX keyword browser?

Click the spyglass icon at the top of the interface and you will get the keyword browser where you can search for controls.

However, the search feature is a bit limited in that you have to search using the right terms - “elastic” doesn’t turn up anything, but “young” works - the elastic coefficient is specied in terms of Young’s modulus.

Similarly, the recover coefficient is labeled “coefficient of restitution”, so we have to search for “restitution”, not “recovery”

Searching for “friction” works:

You may also find these sections of the manual helpful:

Thanks,I would also like to ask if these parameters are set directly through the code? Why is my code a read-only file?

This file is opened read-only in the editor because the file is written by the GUI when you click on “Save”. If you edit the file, the GUI and the file contents will be out of sync.

You can exit MFiX, edit the file with an external editor, and reopen it in MFiX. But be careful, you can easily introduce errors by doing this.

Thanks,I would like to ask why Young’s modulus is gray?