How to set the radiation boundary condtions

as the picture shows, the particles fall down in the cavity . And I want to set the front surface as the radiation boundary condition ,just like the sunshine heat the particles . But I don’t find the “radiation” option except the "specified temperature ’ and the "specified flux " .
So I want to confirm if there is radiation boundary condition option in the MFIX 18.1 ,and what methods can I use to achieve radiation boundary conditions?
I run the MFIX -18.1 GUI in the win-7 .

hi,Lai_Zhenya,i’m interested in the issue that how to set the radiation boundary conditions. did you solve the progrom that particles heated by the sunshine?thank you a lot.

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Hi,hunuaa,is the problem about the radiation boundary condition solved?
I met the same probelm with you ,can you help me with it ?